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Music of the Spheres is a free puzzle-shooter, now available on PCs. It’s a game about patterns. More specifically, it’s about bullets that bounce, and that play glockenspiel notes when they do.

08Puzzles are designed to show you as many interesting things as possible, as concisely as possible. Nothing is repeated, and nothing is meaningless.  Wherever possible, environments are composed to embody some pattern.

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 “Half-toy, half-puzzle, and wholly delightful, MotS is a joy to tinker with. You’ll be left scratching your head sometimes, but always wanting more.”
~Rich Stanton, eurogamer

There’s a beauty in the apparent simplicity of the design, which like much that is contemplative is far more complex than it first appears. It’s somehow reassuring to play a puzzle game that is entirely disinclined to frustrate, hoping to create mindful, soothing spaces instead.
~Adam Smith, Rockpapershotgun

“Really enjoying it”
~Jonathan Blow, designer, Braid

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